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Trendy,Traditional,Classic,or Vintage. What Is Your Wedding Style?

Is Vintage Wedding Style Trendy, a Fad, or the New Traditional Style?  Show me the difference.

Trendy Vs Traditional VS Classic Wedding Photography in 2013

Much like fashion, wedding photography has a style or a trend.  The current style is to dial down the saturation and make the photographs look like old film photos without the full rich colors that we can produce today.  Another trendy wedding term is photojournalistic.  All that means is that the photographer stays in the background filming the events as they naturally occur.  When I profess to be a photojournalist wedding photographer who combines a photo journalistic style with traditional photography, what I mean is that I shoot both styles.  And, sometimes I pose you in a way that appears to be photojournalistic.  Some people do not understand the different styles, so this post will show you each style, for you to see what wedding style you like.
The traditional style is to photograph the bride and groom and the bridal party in groups for a family heirloom.  Even if you want a trendy or photojournalist style wedding photo shoot, you may also want a few posed pictures just to remember years from now.  I typically don’t show traditional photos on my website because it is understood that I will shoot them.  But, here is a typical traditional photograph.  And notice, even though it is traditional, it is still framed in an artistic and creative way.
Traditional Wedding Family portrait
Traditional Wedding Family Portrait

Trendy Wedding Photos

The fairly new trendy style of dialed down saturation, vintage dressing with timeless jewelry, such as lots of pearls, and weddings filled with pastel colors (particularly mint green) is trendy.  Old fashioned table linens, and displaying many detail photos is also the trend.  Also, shooting directly into the sun helps to get that old fashioned film look with the dialed down saturation old film style.  Here I will show two exact photos.  One with dialed down saturation, and one in full color so you can visually see the difference.  Which one do you like better?
Trendy Bride and Groom
Traditional Wedding Photo Bride and Groom Weatherlea Farm
Traditional Bride and Groom

Classic Wedding Photo 

Classic never goes out of style.  Black and white photos, with the bride and groom kissing, dancing, and other emotive photos are classical.  I like to draw on my roots at The Corcoran Gallery of Art when I create a classic photo.  This black and white is one of my recent favorites.  It was shot in Winchester Virginia.  I saw the elegant sofa and immediately thought of an artist named Frederick Leighton.  He was part of a group of my all time favorite art movement called The Pre-Raphaelites.  He did a piece called Flaming June.  It was his inspiration that I used for this classic wedding photo.
Classic Bridal Portrait Black and White
Classic Bridal Portrait

Here's one more classic image, just because I love it.  it looks like a love scene from an old fashioned movie, yet the bride and groom were simply dancing at their wedding reception.  Capturing the emotion is what a photojournalist wedding photographer does.
Classic Bride and Groom Dancing
Classic Bride and Groom Photo Journalist Photo

Vintage Wedding Style

Vintage is a combination of classic, trendy, and is also old fashioned.  Remove the color by turning it into a sepia, or a black and white, or experiment with shades in between, shoot into the sunlight, and viola, you have your vintage photo.
Traditional  Bridal Portrait                                                                                                           
Traditional Full Color Bridal portrait
Traditional Bridal Portrait
Vintage Bridal Portrait

VIntage Bridal Portrait
Bridal Portrait Classic
Traditional Bridal Portrait
Traditional Wedding Ceremony

Vintage Wedding Ceremony

You can see from my wedding photos, that in all weddings I shoot in a traditional, photojournalistic, classical, and trendy wedding style.  Having versatility is important.

To see more wedding photos please go to whysall photography and click on either winery weddings or weddings.  There will be both vintage photographs and non vintage photos.  I shoot both and give you both in your wedding package.  Or just click the vineyard wedding venue you are interested in below:

Bluemont Vineyard - Bluemont Vineyard is one of my favorites because of its beautiful fruit trees, and it's so close to my photography studio.  You can get some edgy studio portraits done there right before the wedding.

Breaux Vineyard - Breaux Vineyard creates an atmosphere that makes you almost believe you are in Italy.  It has a very tuscan feeling, and lovely mature vines.  Located only minutes from my photography studio, you can get some creative studio portraits done first.

Weatherlea Farm - Weatherlea Farm and Vineyard is a real eco friendly wedding venue with llamas, sheep, and a lovely old truck that makes great wedding photos.  They are a seasonal wedding venue, only open 6 months a year, and they take a limited number of weddings.

Stone Manor Country Club - Stone Manor is an elegant mansion in Middletown with vineyards, hay bales, a wagon wheel, and plenty of options for your rustic or vintage wedding photos.  Their weding receptions include it all.  They don't charge all the little extras. 

Veramar Vineyard - Veramar Vineyard in Berryville, VA is tough competition for the Loudoun County Vineyard Venue's. Only a few miles from the Loudoun County line, Veramar has huge vistas, a pond, gazebo, and stately mansion for wedding photos.

Briar Patch Bed and Breakfast - Briar patch is in Middleburg, VA.  It has a rustic farmhouse, horses and fencing, and rolling hills with many wedding photo options.

Mount Vernon Farm - If you want a rustic or vintage wedding, try Mount Vernon farm.  Located in Sperryville, VA, Mount Vernon has many rustic wedding picture opportunities in their huge dairy barn.

Notaviva Vineyards - This is your moment, one you will remember forever. You want your wedding to be romantic, memorable, inspiring, timeless. Our unique timber frame tasting room is perfect for your Loudoun County winery wedding. With spectacular views of the vineyard as well as the Blue Ridge and Short Hill mountains, our picturesque scenery provides an amazing backdrop for your wedding photographer. If you're looking for a memorable location for your Northern Virginia wedding, look no further! 

Doukenie Winery - Nestled in beautiful Loudoun County, Va, Douk√©nie Winery offers the beauty you seek with each passing season. The relaxed atmosphere and grounds contribute to the refreshing character of this vineyard and create the perfect backdrop for your venue. Our newly renovated event room, patio and deck offer picturesque views of the vineyard and pond, a perfect setting for your event. 

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